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BK21 FOUR Program


To support graduate students’ research scholarships and labor costs for new researchers to foster world-class research centered universities.

Supporting Details

    * Scholarship

  • M.A.: 700,000 KRW +α/month
  • Ph.D.: 1,300,000 KRW + α/month
  • ABD: 1,000,000 KRW + α/month
  • Incentives for excellent research publication
  • * Additional Support

  • Participation in domestic & international conferences
  • Overseas research study and training
  • Internship in research-related institutions

Information of department/education team of participation

NO Name of department/education team Team Leader Contacts
1 Department of Biochemistry Prof. Jeoung, Dooil +82-33-250-8518
2 Department of Bio-Health Convergence Prof. Wang, Myeong-Hyeon +82-33-250-7262
3 Department of Biomedical Science Prof. Kim, Jin-Chul +82-33-250-6561
4 Department of Chemistry Prof. Lee, Phil Ho +82-33-250-7696, 7323
5 Department of Education Cooperation and Humanities Care Prof. Kim, Jin Young +82-33-250-6713
6 Department of Food Biotechnology and Environmental Science Prof. Oh, Deog Hwan +82-33-250-6457
7 Department of Forest Biomaterials Engineering Prof. Lee, Seung-Hwan +82-33-250-8323
8 Department of Geology Prof. Lee, Jin-Yong +82-33-250-8564
9 Department of Geophysics Prof. Chang, Sung-Joon +82-33-250-8597
10 Department of Integrated Energy and Infra system Prof. Oh, Seok-Hoon +82-33–250-6248
11 Department of Korean Language and Literature Prof. Kim, Ye Rhee +82-33-250-8127
12 Department of Pharmacy Prof. Ko, Hyun-Jeong +82-33-250-6923
13 Department of Philosophy Prof. Choi, Heebong +82-33-250-8239
14 Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in BIT Medical Convergence Prof. Kim, SangHoon +82-33-250-7993
15 Interdisciplinary Program in Biohealth-machinery Convergence Engineering Prof. Kim, Byeong Hee +82-33-250-6369
16 Interdisciplinary Program in Advanced Functional Materials and Devices Development Prof. Lee, Sung Man +82-33-250-7219
17 Education Research Team for Medical Big-data Convergence Prof. Lee, Sang-Ah +82-33-250-8809
18 Innovative Training Program for I’M (Integrated Management) Smart Farm Prof. Kim, Dae-Hyun +82-33-250-6496

Application Details

  • Consult with each of the applicable professors of education team before applying for admission.
  • Application is possible during the baseline application period for foreign graduate students application procedure
  • AFollow the procedure for regular entrance application